SCHEDULE | October, 6th - 2016

8:30am Accreditation/Registration
9:00am Musical Welcome – Baccarelli Institute
9:15am Presentation and Welcome
Paula Fabiani – CEO of IDIS
Henrique Ubrig - president of IDIS Board
Jane Wales - CEO Global Philanthropy Forum
9:30am Opening Session: The Capitalism Frontiers
Eduardo Giannetti da Fonseca – economist and writer
Moderator: Paula Fabiani (IDIS)
10:15am Plenary: The role of philanthropy in the government's social agenda
Osmar Terra – Social and Rural Development Minister
Moderator: Marcos Kisil - Founder and Strategic Consultant of IDIS
11:10am Break
11:25am Parallel Sessions
A Shared Value: the marriage between value chain and social investment
  Isabela Pascoal Becker – Executive Director of Educar DPaschoal Foundation
Linda Murasawa – Executive Superintendent of Santander
Ted Hart – CEO of Charities Aid Foundation America
Moderator: Raquel Coimbra – Project Director of IDIS
B Technologies that transform the human being
  Denis Mizne - CEO of Lemann Foundation
Inês K. Miskalo - executive manager of Instituto Ayrton Senna
João Bezerra Rodrigues Junior – Strategic Partnership and Programs and Projetc Modeling Manager of Fundação Banco do Brasil
Moderator: Felix Prieto, Head of Operations in Brazil at Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
12:25am Breakout Sessions
Brazil's Donation Research - Paula Fabiani (IDIS)
12:30am In conversation with...
This session is supported by Fundação Arymax
Henry Timms: CEO of 92Y and #GivingTuesday creator
Moderator: Jane Wales (GPF)
13:10pm Thematic Lunch (please see list below)
2:20pm Cases of innovative social entrepreneurship
Presentation of Social Entrepreneurship Folha 2015 Award winners
Fernando Assad, Founder of Programa Vivenda
Sérgio Andrade, Executive Director of Agenda PúblicaInstitute
2:35pm Plenary: Philanthropy as a family value
Elie Horn e Suzy Horn – Cyrela Institute
Moderator: Paula Fabiani (IDIS)
3:15pm Breakout Sessions
Visions of the Future - Américo Mattar, President Diretor of Telefônica Vivo Foundation
3:25pm Parallel Sessions
A New business models with positive socio-environmental impact
  Gabriela Szprinc – Manager for SMEs and NGOs at Pay Pal
Marcelo Behar - Corporate Affairs Director at Natura
Paulo Bellotti, founder, partner and director of Mov Investimentos
Moderator: José Guimarães Monforte - Member of the IDIS Board
B Financial Mechanisms for social-environmental and cultural development

This session is supported by BNP Paribas
  Luciane Fernandes Gorgulho, head of the Culture Economy Department at BNDES
Ricardo Levisky – fouder and president of Levisky Negócios e Cultura
Sérgio Lazzarini - Business Administration Professor at Insper
Moderator: Ana Santini - Relationship manager at BNP Paribas
4:25pm Coffee-break
4:40pm Your opinion
4:45pm Final Plenary: The Olympic spirit and the individual responsibility
Ana Moser – founder of Instituto Esporte & Educação
Clodoaldo Silva - paralympic Athlete
Raí – Founder and president of the Gol de Letra Foundation Board
Moderator: Eliane Trindade – Editor of the Social Entrepreneur Award of Folha de São Paulo newspaper
5:45pm Final talk and Acknowledgments
Paula Fabiani – IDIS
Thematic lunch tables
• Using fundraising to promote comunity mobilization, with Andrea Hanai (IDIS)
• B Corporation, with Marcel Fukayama (B Corp Brazil)
• Brazil's Donation Research, with Andrea Wolffenbuttel (IDIS)
• Experiences with Impact Assessment: Social Return on Investment with Eduarda Penido Dalla Vechia (Fundação Lucia & Pelerson Penido – FLUPP) and Sofia Rebehy (IDIS)
• Fundraising platform, with João Paulo Vergueiro (ABCR)
• GIFE Indicators of Governance, with Iara Rolnik (GIFE)
• Gift Economy, with Marina Pechlivanis (Umbigo do Mundo)
• Government and Impact Businesses, with Leonardo Letelier (Força Tarefa de Negócios Sociais / SITAWI Finanças do Bem)
• How technology and new media can promote the solution of social problems, com Carolina de Andrade (Social Good)
• How the social-environmental commitment influences the management of resources, with Fernanda Camargo (Wright Capital)
• New Generation and Philanthropy, with Tatiana Piva (Instituto Geração)
• The role of leadership training on the systemic transformation of organizations and society, with Ruth Goldberg (Arymax Foudantion)
• Technological solutions for fundraising, with Rodolfo Pinotti (Trackmob)
• Venture Philanthropy, with Renata Truzzi (NESst)