SCHEDULE | Innovation and Impact in Philanthropy

09:00 Welcome and Introduction
Global Philanthropy Forum
09:15 Opening Speech
  Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter, President of the Board of Gerdau
10:00 Family Philanthropy: Impacting Generations
Sandra Regina Mutarelli Setúbal, President of Pensi Institute and
José Luiz Setúbal, President of José Luiz Egydio Setúbal Foundation
Klaus Gerdau Johannpeter, President of the Board of Gerdau Institute and
Beatriz Gerdau Johannpeter, Vice President of the Board and member of the Executive Committee of the Gerdau Institute
Moderator: Marcos Kisil, IDIS
11:00 Break
11:30 Concurrent Sessions A
A Philanthropy Innovation in Health
Ellen Agler, CEO of The End Fund
Verónica Arroyave, Director of AbbVie Foundation
Wilson Modesto Pollara, Adjunct Secretary of State Secretary of Health of São Paulo
Moderator: Marcos Boulos, Medicine Professor at USP
B Social Licence: the Impact of Philanthropy
Juliana Cassilha Andrigueto, Vice President of Holcim Institute and Regional Manager of Social Responsibility of the Holcim Group for Latin America
Daniela Redondo, CEO of Coca-Cola Institute Brazil
Juliana de Lavor Lopes, CEO of André e Lúcia Maggi Foundation
Moderator: Paulo Castro, CEO of C&A Institute
12:45 Thematic Lunch
14:00 In Conversation With... (online)
Peter Buffett, Philanthropist and President of NoVo Foundation
Moderator: Jane Wales, CEO of the Global Philanthropy Forum and the World Affairs Council; Vice President of the Aspen Institute
14:30 In Conversation With...
Regina Helena Scripilliti Velloso, Philanthropist and President of the Board of AACD (Association for Assistance to Deficient Children)
Swanee Hunt, Philanthropist and Founder & Chair of Hunt Alternatives Fund
Moderator: Jane Wales, CEO of the Global Philanthropy Forum and the World Affairs Council; Vice President of the Aspen Institute
15:00 Concurrent Sessions B
C The impact of technology in leveraging philanthropy
Gabriella Bighetti, President of Telefônica Vivo Foundation
Hugo Barreto, General Secretary of Roberto Marinho Foundation
José Caetano de Andrade Minchillo, President of Banco do Brasil Foundation
Moderator: Helena Monteiro, Executive Director of WINGS

D Philanthropy and Sustainable Development Goals
Bernardo Guillamon, Manager of the Office of Outreach and Partnerships of BID
Cloves Otávio Nunes de Carvalho, Director of Votorantim Institute
Marcos Athias Neto, Cluster Leader for the Innovations, Development Alliance Group of UNDP
Moderator: Heather Grady, Senior Fellow, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
16:15 Closing Session: Innovation in Philanthropy
Lester Salamon, Professor at the Johns Hopkins University and Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies
José Guimarães Monforte, Member of the Board of Petrobras
Cristina Paula Baptista, Lawyer and Consultant in Innovation and Social Development
Jorge Villalobos Grzybowicz, President of CEMEFI (The Mexican Center for Philanthropy)
Moderator: Paula Fabiani, CEO of IDIS
17:00 Closing Remarks and Cocktail
Global Philanthropy Forum